Growing up, we each had someone that we looked up to. A person that we had perceived to be strong, caring, nice, etc. An example of who we wanted to be like when we grew up. Some of us let go of those people, others held on and the rest in between moved on to new inspirations. As for myself, I held on to mine. In my eye they’re always going to be the strongest person I will ever come to know. I still strive to be the person they were, even if I don’t quite share the same ambitions as they do. Today will be another test of my strength. The news I had received only moments ago, is already beginning to take its toll on me. Backing me into a corner and beating me into submission, but I won’t give up. I can’t. If I did then I would have failed, I’d be nothing like the man that he is. He’d be ashamed to see I had given up so easily and that would hurt deeper than anything. I’m still in shock over what I had heard but still can’t fathom how someone will just bow down so willingly. Is this what it really means to be strong? To sit back while the darkness consumes you without fear? To lose a battle without shame? If this is so, then I will blindly go into the darkness and fight to win them back. If I should come back empty handed then I will go on without regret. I will continue to hold my head up high and press on, as he would have done. But for tonight, he remains in my prayers.